Hello and Welcome to our website. We specialise in handmade figurines which we make to look like your family and friends.

Well! Its that time of the year again and although we specialise in handmade figurines we also make all kinds of cute things...... 
snowmen and teddy cake toppers

... We make loads of handmade gifts including our Snowmen and Christmas teddy cake toppers. Again all handmade you can even pick the colour of their scarves and hats!! 
Pop over to our online shop and have a look!! 

 We still make our figurines which are all handmade and we make them for all occasions. Not only the obvious weddings and birthdays but we also make cats....and...
handmade cat figurine 

 ....dogs with or without the owner. We also make...

girl with dog figurine 

 ...bikes and bikers, cricketers, rugby players and many more. Have a wander around our website to see more. We are sure you will find something you like.

motorbike figurine 

We can make a traditional one for your wedding. You e-mail us photo's of yourselves, your outfits and anything else you would like included, maybe you would like a theme? To see more pop over to our wedding album.

 handmade wedding figurine bride groom little boy and dog 

We also make wedding mice figurines. These are generally ordered for cheese wedding cakes or cheese stacks. We dress the mice in your beautiful wedding outfits, we can even include your pets. To see more have a look at our wedding mice album.

wedding mice bride and groom figurine with dog

Our birthday figurines are becoming more popular. Again you e-mail the details and we take it from there. This fairy princess was made for Daisy's birthday 
 little princess handmade figurine 

And here she is on the cake, lovely!! We welcome your photo's which we include on our website

little girl on cake 


handmade cricket figurine 

We also specialise in cricket figurines. Again you give us all the information and we take it from there. Have a look at our cricket and cricket birthdays page.

As you can see we cater for all your very special occasions from birthdays to weddings to well... anything really. To see more have a wander around my pages. 

 birthday figurine

 If you are interested in ordering your own individually handmade figurine please drop me a line using the contact page or Phone 07757 603636 or e-mail: mail@joolanderson.com

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