Hello and Welcome to our website. We specialise in handmade figurines which we make to look like your family and friends.



Hello and welcome to our website. We specialise in individually handmade figurines for all your important occasions. You give us all the information of the detail you would like included and we take it from there.
The two wedding figurines here are the traditional type. As you can see much attention is paid to the detail. In fact every figurine on our website has been commissioned by our customers and each one is unique. 
 bride and groom in red kayak

We also make wedding mice. These are becoming more popular with cheese towers taking the place of the traditional wedding cake.  The mice will be dressed in the outfits you will be wearing on your big day.
 bride and groom mice with pet cat

And we don't only make wedding figurines. Our cricketers are becoming more popular for the cricket fans in your family. Again all individually handmade with the specifications you give to us. 

 cricket figurines 

Your pets are also important and we also make them to look like your moggies and your pooches, but hey! don't take our word for it. Have a wander around our website.

 small white cat

Weddings, birthdays, christenings, we make just about anything really. We are sure you will find something that will appeal to you and that we can make for you.

little girl with bird


 If you are interested in ordering your own individually handmade figurine please drop us a line using the contact page or Phone 07757 603636 or e-mail: mail@joolanderson.com

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