Hello there! and welcome to our website. We specialise in making handmade figurines for your family and friends for all their special occasions.

This is the website that can celebrate all your special occasions weddings, birthdays, graduations, christenings..  Well anything really we can transform your family, friends and pets into delightfully cute little characters!!


little girl 1st birthday  



We make cake toppers for all occasions. We also make wedding figurines. We make them as close to you as we possibly can and you can include anything you like. All you have to do is e-mail us photos or all the  information you want included and we take it from there.    


fox wedding 


Many of our customers are amazed by the detail we manage to include in all our cake toppers. 


bide groom pageboy and dog 



We are now taking orders for 2017 wedding cake toppers. So book a place now to avoid disappointment !!

wedding anniversary 


 We make birthday figurines for all ages and can even include your favourite sport or activity


manx norton 



Would you like cricket figurines? Our cricket figures are especially popular pop over to our cricket page to have a look.

cricket team figurine 


In fact...we make all manner of figurines for all manner of occasions, have a stroll around our website to look at the quality of our work

All my figurines are individually handmade to your own specifications. Each one has a story to tell which we try to include in our website. 


birthday plaque 

If you are interested in ordering your own individually handmade figurine please give us a ring on 07757 603636 e-mail us mail@joolanderson.com or use the contact form further on.






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