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I make handmade figurines for all occasions everyone is unique and made to your own specifications. This is the latest wedding mice cake topper below.

 Team Oscar fridge magnets now available!!
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I cater for all your very special occasions from birthdays to weddings to well... anything really. To see more have a wander around my pages. 

I can make your own unique wedding figurine or cake topper which can be made to look like you. A perfect and everlasting keepsake to remind you of your special day
I also make wedding mice figurines which will take pride of place on top of your cheese wedding cake
 wedding mice figurine with cat
Cricket figurines are becoming more popular, again they will all be individually handmade and  made to your own specifications
 handmade cricket figurines

 If you are interested in ordering your own individually handmade figurine please drop me a line using the contact page or Phone 07757 603636 or e-mail: mail@joolanderson.com

You can also buy handmade gifts direct from my online shop. The shop is currently being updated but you can still order all your favourite items
handmade box of frogs

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