Our tree surgeon figurines are all individually handmade to your specifications. 





tree surgeon, birthday




Here is a selection of the tree surgeons we have made for weddings and birthdays.

We made this for Richard's birthday 



tree surgeon, birthday cake




 And here he is on the cake...fantastic

This couple got in touch back in 2011. They sent us photo's of themselves and wanted Jill in her wedding gown and Adrian in his tree surgeon working clothes, they also wanted to include a tree trunk behind them with a shotgun leaning on the tree stump.




tree surgeon, wedding




If you are interested in having your own tree surgeon figurine for your special day then please contact us




tree surgeon wedding





The one (above) featured the tree surgeon groom and the bride in her wedding gown. The bride wanted a little pot plant and secateurs included as she loved gardening. 





tree surgeon groom




This one features the groom with his Stihl braces and the bride who loves golf with her golf bag.




birthday,tree surgeon





Here is another birthday one. We made this one earlier in the year for Luke.

If you need further details then you can contact us through the contact form or our number is 07757603636