We also make thing for the bikers in your life




oscar fridge magnet



Our latest bike themed project this year were the fridge magnets for  Debbie and www.teamoscarracing.co.uk  We have been making these for a number of years now and they get better every year (even though I say it myself).




oscar fridge magnet 2015 


Oscar above was the very first design back in 2012.

The ones above were made in 2015. The ones on the left with Oscar and the date of the TT and Debs number 50. The ones on the left are of Debs and Oscar at the Bungalow and some with Kate's Cottage in the background




royal enfield 



We made this Royal Enfield for Karl's birthday in 2014



manx norton 



We made this Manx Norton to celebrate the wedding of Beryl and Barry back in 2013 



I am updating this page so check back in a day or two to see more motorbikes we have made