Individually handmade cricket figurines or cake toppers to delight your cricketing family and friends.

Handmade cricket figurines




All my handmade figurines featuring cricket are all unique and made to your own personal specifications. Each one is individually handmade from non-edible polymer clay with particular attention paid to detail. I do not use moulds and can even make them to look like your own team.

batsman cricket figurine



Price Guide.

If you want all white cricket players with your choice of coloured caps. Batsman £17.25, Bowler £17.25, Wicket Keeper £17.25, Umpire £16.25, Fielders £14.75 You may say Why are the bowler, batsman, wicket keeper and umpire more expensive than the fielders! Let me explain the fielders are quite simple to make but the others are quite complicated to make especially getting the poise right We think you will agree.

cricket figurine bowler 

Obviously custom made cricketers and those  with a full coloured strip will cost more as they are more complicated again.

Once complete they will be very carefully packed and sent to you by express post. Any questions just give me a buzz on 07757 603636 or contact me by using the contact form.

Happy Batting!!!

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