Individually handmade figurines to delight your family and friends


handmade figurine, umpire 





Here at we like to feature all our customers birthdays. The handmade figurines we make for you are all featured on the home page of the website on the big day with suitable greetings. All the handmade figurines were all made for very special birthdays.

We made the little bowler and batsman cricket figurines for Shrey's 10th birthday!! Wow!! what a great cake. Thanks to his Auntie Reeta for sending us the photo's. 

 handmade cricket figurines

If you are interested in prices please visit the previous page (cricket) and scroll down to the bottom of the page were you will find all the information you need.    

 handmade figurine batsman


We made this for Freddie for his 12th birthday in September 2015. His mum sent us pictures of him which we took the likeness from. Freddie loved it.



handmade cricket figurine bowler 



 We made this bowler for Roger's 60th birthday in September 2015



 handmade figurine cricket bowler


...and here he is on the cake Brilliant!! Thanks Nidhi



handmade cricket figurines bowler and batsman





We made this bowler and batsman for Ted's 90th birthday. Hey Ted hope you had a great day......
..............  Many thanks Suzanne and Tim for e-mailing us the photo to include on our cricket birthdays page, and thank you for your comments "The figures you made for my Dad's 90th birthday cake were just fantastic and you produced them so 15 out of 10!"   



bowler and batsman hanmade cricket figurines on cake 



handmade cricket figurine bowlerba plane figurine



This is Robert His mum secretly ordered this bowler and plane for his 21st birthday..... 

 Have a look at Robert's fantastic cake below!! Thank you Janet for the very kind comments you left in the guestbook.

bowler handmade cricket figurine




 Pete and John who look like peas in a pod. Well they are twins!!


handmade cricket figurines  batsman and bowler


 And here they are on the cake



 Thank you to Michelle for sending me the picture to include in the cricket birthdays page



cricket handmade figurine batsman



The cricketers were made for Rohit for his 13th birthday. Rohit is mad on cricket and his Mum wanted some handmade figurines for his birthday cake. His mum e-mailed me photos of him and gave me details of his cricket kit. By the way the writing on the base is in clay and it glows in the dark. Thank you to Latha for the comments you left in the guest book.



handmade cricket figurines team


 This is Kirti and this was made as a surprise for his 60th birthday. My umpires usually have a pale blue shirt with a navy tie but in the photo I was e-mailed Kirti was wearing a wonderful snazzy tie so I included it.

handmade cricket figurine umpire



 This is Kirti the umpire on the cake. Thanks  to Trishna for sending a photo to include on the cricket birthdays page  

cricket umpire figurine on cake


 The wicket keeper and board was a surprise for Andy's 50th birthday.

handmade cricket figurine wicket keeper



These cricket figures were made for Bobby's 6th birthday. His mum asked me to make the umpire signalling 6 which I did.  

handmade cricket figurines on cake



Jemma kindly sent me a photo of the cake with the cricket figurines to include on the website. Fabulous cake!!    Thanks Jemma 

The cricket figures were made for Joe's birthday
 special occasion handmade cricket figurine
I'll let you guess how old he was 
batsman handmade cricket figurine 

Below, these were made for Simon

handmade cricket figurines



Here they are on the cake. Thank you so much for sending us a photo of the cricket figurines on the cake to include on our website and also thanks for the comments left in our guestbook. 

handmade figurines cricket team figurine on cake