Our figurines from start to finish.







start of bride figurine


We take great care when making your figurines. The following photo's show you just how we put together our unique designs.  

With the help of photographs which our customers send us, we start with the basic shape of the wedding gown




detail of the bride figurin eon the back



 Once we are happy with the shape we start adding the detail. This gown had small buttons right down the back of it. 



features added



Detail on the back finished we move on to the brides features.




bouquet made




 Next is the bouquet. The five pence coin next to it highlights the detail that is included in the finished bouquet. 





bride with bouquet



The bouquet is then carefully placed in the hands of the bride. 




start the groom figurine



We then make a start on the groom. Again we take great care in ensuring his outfit matches the design.




put both figurines together



The bride and groom are placed together. The bride and grooms hairstyles are finished.  The grooms buttonhole is made and carefully placed on his suit jacket.



diamantes for the gown and collar



In this instance the gown had a rhinestone belt around the waist and rhinestones around the collar. For this we used tiny diamantes which had to be added individually to the brides gown




detail on wedding gown



The belt complete and collar finished, the veil is made and attached to the bride. The flowers are made to match the colour of the bouquet and are placed around the base.



completed handmadewedding figurine wedding




 And here we are!. The wedding figurine is complete and ready for delivery